REBECCA LODGE has been a professional musician for nearly 30 years working as a singer, pianist, educationalist and conductor. A few years ago she developed a polyp on her vocal cord that necessitated surgery and resulted in a loss of income for a period.

This gave her the idea to use her experience to help others by creating this insurance cover.




Anyone who uses his or her voice professionally can encounter a problem that needs to be checked out by a throat specialist. This can be very worrying. Having the money to pay for private treatment and time off straight away can make all the difference. Until SEGUE was created there wasn’t an insurance product that covered the voice. In fact, most critical illness and personal accident products specifically exclude the voice.


SEGUE is the only insurance for your voice.

Premiums for cover are very affordable.

£24.50 p/month for anyone up to 40 years of age.

£29.50 p/month for anyone aged between 41 and 60.




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Segue Voice Insurance